March 2018 Monthly Minutes

March 2018 Monthly Minutes

Indian Mound Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes from Monday, March 19th, 2018.

Next Meeting: Monday, April 16th, 6:30pm at the North-East Branch Library (6000 Wilson Rd, KCMO 64123)

Donna Miller-Brown, Treasurer’s Report

  • February ending balance: $2,491.14
  • Withdraw: $88 to pay for PO Box

Scott Wagner (1st District City Councilperson), Capital Improvements Sales Tax Renewal (vote on April 3rd)

  • The tax has existed since 1983 and was last renewed in 2007
  • 1% sales tax, raises about $70 million total each year
    • Similar things with this renewal ballot language:
      • 35% of the collected tax will be dedicated to the PIAC process, with each council district getting about $4 million each year
    • Different with this renewal
      • 25% will be set aside specifically for street maintenance (which used to come only from the General Fund)
      • 40% for maintenance of existing infrastructure, includes $5 million per year that may be used to replace the Buck O’Neil Bridge (formerly known as the Broadway Bridge).
        • MODOT, while conducting their semi-annual bridge check, revealed that the bridge needed maintenance that would require it to be closed for 2 years
          • KCMO plans on setting aside $50 million to help pay for replacing the bridge ($40 million of that will come from the Capital Improvements Sales Tax, if it passes)
          • Surrounding communities and the state have the goal of contributing $100 million
      • The length of time before the next renewal has been extended to 20 years
        • The stated logic is to help it align better with the General Obligation Bond timeline
  • Donna asked about the change from the 2007 tax renewal, and where the 25% for road maintenance came from for this year
    • [the IMNA Secretary didn’t completely follow Scott Wagner’s response, so this may be incomplete]
    • The tax was renewed just before the Great Recession, so over the years, some of the funds from it were used to repay debts on “accelerated projects”
    • At one point, there was a maintenance category for 15% of the tax money, but it was used mostly for storm water issues
  • Chris, resident, asked about the money leftover after the bridge is completed?
    • Scott Wagner said that money raised past that would go to “other maintenance projects”
  • Manny Abarca IV asked why the tax, which was originally created for neighborhoods to direct special projects was now being used to fund general maintenance.
    • Wagner
      • There’s currently no money to do general maintenance in the general budget
        • Increases for police and fire has displaced that, leaving just enough to keep the city running
        • Using more money from the general fund to do maintenance would require cutting city services
  • Manny also asked if creating a new tax, specifically for maintenance issues, was an option or had been talked about.
    • A stand-alone tax for the bridge has been considered
    • To get something passed, it seems more palatable to adjust the language of a tax renewal than proposing a raise in taxes
  • Donna pointed out that inserting the language about funding the bridge replacement seemed to hold PIAC funding hostage.
    • Wagner
      • The City knew that building a new bridge is required to improve traffic and needed to figure out a match sooner rather than later. They were willing to adjust the ballot language and risk not passing the tax renewal.

Jenna Hillier, KCATA

  • Independence Ave study to see if a MAX rapid bus transit line is feasible
    • Initial Planning Stage (1 year-long, finished in December 2018; total process is 6 years long)
      • Explores:
        • possible upgrades for current stops
        • Different possible routes from Downtown KCMO to Independence, MO
        • Whether or not to keep the 24 bus line in addition to the MAX line
  • Estela, resident, asked how far apart the stops will be
    • That will depend on what the study reveals, especially whether or not the 24 line stays
  • Bryan Stalder asked if they will have future meetings or opportunities for input
    • A steering committee is going to be created, future public meetings will be announced, and surveys/comment cards will be administered to riders
  • Manny asked whether the study performed for the streetcar in 2013/2014 would be taken into account
    • Not sure

Officer Greg Smith, KCPD

  • KCPD hired another social worker for KCPD and a 2nd Community Interaction Officer (CIO) will be coming in late March
  • KCPD will also be hiring 10 more parking control officers
  • Amanda, resident, asked for an update on a recent car chase incident
    • Officer Smith was on vacation when that happened, so didn’t have any updates about it.
      • He will check with other officers
  • Amanda also asked what could be done to reduce speeding around Indian Mound Park (and on Gladstone Blvd in general)
    • Officer Smith:
      • Traffic officers did go there once and ticketed 2-3 cars
      • Someone asked about speed bumps?
        • Hard to get because they’re costly, need a good reason to install them (a petition may work)
    • Bryan mentioned a traffic-calming and/or bike-ped study for Gladstone that has been worked on by BikeWalkKC and the City
      • Narrowing road by adding a buffered bike lane
      • Study has been put on hold for a year to line up with other funding opportunities

Bryan Stalder, Update on March 10th Neighborhood Canvassing effort with KCPD

  • Volunteers and KCPD spoke with neighbors around the south side of Budd Park

Brenda Romo, Legal Aid of Western Missouri

  • Gave an update on Urban Homesteading, including a potential urban homesteader who wasn’t able to stay for the whole IMNA meeting

Meeting closed with small group discussion about the meeting’s topics