May 2018 Monthly Minutes

May 2018 Monthly Minutes

Indian Mound Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes from May 21st, 2018

Next Meeting: Monday, June 18th, 6:30pm at the North-East Branch Library (6000 Wilson Rd, KCMO 64123)


Michael Kelley, BikeWalkKC Complete Streets

  • BikeWalkKC works to improve policy relating to bike, pedestrian, and other transit
    • The Complete Streets ordinance was recently passed
      • It targets areas with low health outcomes
      • Aims to improve the safety of traveling from A to B, regardless of the mode of transport
    • Hosting Advocacy Workshop, Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm between May 10th to June 21st at the CID office (2657 Independence Ave)
      • Purpose is to build on what was learned during the creation of the Complete Streets ordinance and enable participants to do advocacy
      • Community members are encouraged to attend
  • Manny Abarca asked about the proposed bike lanes along Gladstone Blvd
    • There are plans to re-work the original proposal to include more resident feedback

Donna Miller-Brown, Treasurer’s Report

  • For April 2018:
    • Starting Balance: $2371.14
    • Withdrawals: ($110 Gardening Supplies)
    • Ending Balance: $2261.14

Officer Greg Smith, KCPD

  • There has been an increase in burglaries around Northeast lately
  • Auto thefts are also up; Officer Smith recommends using a club on steering wheel
  • KCPD is working with codes to address some houses that neighbors have complained about
  • Spanish-language Citizens’ Academy starting soon
    • June 9, 16, 23, probably at St. Anthony’s, 9am to 1pm
  • Summer June 12 – August 2 youth activities provided by KCPD
  • Police Athletic League open later during summer
  • Crime Stoppers TIPS hotline increased the reward for tips about murders to $10,000

Bryan Stalder, IMNA President

  • Two programs he recently learned of:
    • The City may allow Neighborhood Associations to manage vacant lots in Land Bank
      • The NA can hire local residents/businesses to do the mowing
    • Families with kids under 6 years old in houses with lead paint can participate in a program to abate the lead (either no cost or a cost-share with the City)

Darryl James, Pastor of Covenant Baptist Church (301 Van Brunt)

  • The church serves people living within Denver Ave to Kensington Ave, and Independence Ave to Gladstone Blvd
  • Small Food Pantry on 3rd Saturdays
  • Hot Dog ministry on the 1st Saturday of each month
  • Donna asked how can IMNA help?
    • Pastor James would be interested in knowing other organizations in the area that he could potentially partner with
    • Someone from the congregation could be on the planning committee for National Night Out
    • The food pantry is accepting donations of non-perishable items

Chris Harden-McKinney, Mattie Rhodes Center and Paseo Gateway Project

  • Chris is the community liaison for the Choice Neighborhoods Grant
    • A $30 million grant that Kansas City Housing Authority got through HUD
    • The project includes:
      • Closing Chouteau Courts
      • Revitalizing the area
      • Reducing crime
      • Facilitating cooperation between neighborhoods
    • Anticipates development headed towards Indian Mound, so be prepared as a neighborhood
    • 555 Olive is a community Center that provides certain services
  • City Housing Policy meeting on May 23rd
    • There is a working group of NE residents who are planning on making a short statement
  • Manny asked what would happen to the land underneath Chouteau Courts after the closing
    • Chris is not sure
  • Bryan asked whether the public units that they are relocating will be public forever? Or will they be transitioned to the private market after a period of time?
  • Beth Beavers asked when construction will start?
    • It’s still in the design phase
  • Woodland School may be repurposed
  • Chris is helping put together an advisory council for the first week of June
    • Wants leadership in NE to appoint someone
  • Manny asked if any other demolitions were planned besides Chouteau Courts?
    • No. And construction will only happen on already vacant land.
  • Donna asked how to get on Chris’s mailing list to stay up to date
    • Let Bryan Stalder know
  • Chris hosts meetings on the 1st Monday of each month with project updates
  • He has partnered with the Somali American Association to help with outreach to residents
    • There is a mosque in Indian Mound
    • It would be good for IMNA to reach out to the group

Helen Bass, Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office

  • Working as part of the SMART prosecution grant
    • Role is to sit in on more community members to hear about what’s going on
    • Goal is to develop a wider view of communities beyond the prosecutor’s caseload
  • Amanda Wilson mentioned that the DA in KCK speaks directly to residents, community groups, and schools. Does Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office to that or open to doing it soon?
    • Open to doing that, especially if there is specific information that they would like to be communicated
  • Neighborhood Accountability Boards are also something the prosecutor’s office can help with
  • Manny asked how to improve communication between residents, KCPD and the Prosecutor’s Office?
    • Helen Bass can be a liaison for residents to the prosecutor’s office

Residents discussed Speeding around Indian Mound Park and Gladstone Blvd

  • Drivers sometimes don’t observe stop signs
  • Bryan said that KC Parks seemed to indicate that the road around Indian Mound Park, near the lookout and stone wall, could be adjusted or closed without consulting the City’s Traffic Department because it’s a Blvd and managed by Parks
  • BikeWalkKC has done traffic studies; maybe worthwhile to revisit those
  • Chris Lowrance worried that closing that section of the road might redirect speeders to the streets with houses along them
  • To get KCPD’s attention, Officer Smith suggested submitting complaints to the KCPD Traffic Division via their website
  • Speed Table may be an option?
  • MARC has the Planning Sustainable Places grant coming up; maybe Indian Mound Park could be included in a proposal

Manny Abarca, Neighborhood Markers Update

  • 3 markers will be put up along Independence Ave at Jackson, Van Brunt, and Hardesty
  • 1 big monument will go at Wilson Rd near Price Chopper
  • Photos of the planned designs are on IMNA’s facebook page

Donna, Block Parties in June and National Night Out

  • Block Parties
    • Looking for neighbors to host and organize block party
    • IMNA will provide Food, charcoal, trashbags, and a checklist of things to do with City
  • National Night Out
    • August 7th on the North side of Budd Park
    • Looking for people to help with the planning committee and volunteer on the day-of
    • Need donated grills for the event

Chris Harden-McKinney mentioned that he runs and posts neighborhood events there

IMNA is trying to develop a housing policy for the neighborhood

Gregg Lombardi

  • Works with Neighborhood Associations and contractors on abandoned properties