April 2020 Monthly Minutes

April 2020 Monthly Minutes

Indian Mound Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes from April 20, 2020.

Next Meeting: Monday, May 18, 2020, 6:30 p.m., via Zoom.


Crime Update

  • Hoping for update from KCPD, but no officer present.
  • We are discussing the future of our crime watch groups. If you have input please let Patricia Hernandez know.


Direct services

  • Someone is experiencing homelessness and needs resources…
    • Call United Way 211 at 211 to get updated resources.
  • Greater Kansas City Coalition to End Homelessness
  • Someone needs basic needs met (food pantry/hot meal, rent money, etc)…
  • Immediate crisis
    • Disaster Assistance Crisis Line: 800-985-5990
    • Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Crisis hotline: 888-279-8188
    • Crisis Text Hotline: Text HOME to 741741
    • LGBTQ Hotline:  888-843-4564
    • Children’s Mercy’s Nurse Advice Line: 816-234-3188
    • Research Hospital Behavioral Health Crisis Line: 844-207-4511
    • Kansas City Metro-Wide Crisis Line for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: 816-468-5463
    • MOCSA–Sexual Assault services–crisis hotline, counseling, etc:
    • 24-hour Crisis Line in Kansas: (913) 642-0233
    • 24-hour Crisis Line in Missouri: (816) 531-0233
    • Relay Services: 7 – 1 – 1
  • Immigrant Resources
  • Someone needs information for immigrants, refugees, & asylum seekers…
    • Contact ASAP if you hear about a local abuse of an immigrant, refugee, or asylum seeker, such as ICE activity or landlord abuse: (913) 299-6183; trinidad@airrkc.org or nubia@airrkc.org

State Representative Ingrid Burnett

  • Unemployment – self-employed/gig workers who don’t qualify for typical unemployment. Those applications just now starting to get processed
    • $133-320 per week + $600 federal supplement under FPCP
      • March 29-July 25 – not regular unemployment, but special kind
        • When applying don’t list state because you don’t have employer. Unless worked with
        • Proof of employment required
          • Retroactive to when you were impacted (but have to provide proof)
        • Takes a longtime, so getting in touch with her office will help.
      • Domestic Violence Services
        • Access hasn’t changed – 1.800-HOTLINE
          • mocsadv.org
        • Supplemental budget increased funds have not made it out to shelters.
      • Crisis Hotlines/Mental Health Services
        • 800-985-8990; text
      • Next session April 27, no idea what working on for 2021 beyond budget.
        • Expect a lot of costs; $47 million on top of the $180 million already cut.
          • Education, social services
        • Contact her anytime – Ingrid.Burnett@house.mo.gov
  • Indian Mound launching survey to identify our community’s needs so we can figure out how we can address them.

Community Events