June 2020 Monthly Minutes

June 2020 Monthly Minutes

Indian Mound Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes from June 15, 2020.

Next Meeting: Monday, July 20, 6:30pm

Spire Energy – Johnny Bunton 816-261-8205 (his cell phone)

  • Call him with any questions or concerns!
  • Gas pipe replacement is what’s going on.
    • Cast iron/steel pipe being replaced with plastic. Reduces maintenance, instead of constant fixes. Plastic should last forever.
    • First: put in new stuff, second: remove old stuff/clean-up
      • Can be gaps where don’t see anyone, but they’re still working.
    • For real, call him if have issues (something not restored properly? Grass dead? People parked in the wrong area? Something doesn’t seem right? Call him!)
    • Should be done in our area within a month or so.
    • Please see maps (1, 2)
    • Sheron Fulson: 9th Senatorial District will definitely be watching how you notify residents, traffic, and businesses.
    • Pastor James requests notice before projects. It complicated parking for the congregation.
      • Same with Hardesty – main road so no notice was very frustrating.

James Fain – Neighborhood Preservation

  • Area inspector John Jackson, been here about 4.5 months, covers south Indian Mound
  • Just now getting back to work full-time
    • Prior: 3x week, now daily
  • Turn-over, but Inspector Jackson doesn’t plan on going anywhere.
    • Inspector Leonard is still covering north Indian Mound.
  • Codes inspectors are willing to work with residents to fix things and not just cite them.
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Municipal court not officially open until July, but virtual hearings taking place.

Jeffrey Hurley, Parks Ranger

  • Program came out of park safety committee
  • Ranger Hurley started in Aug. 2018.
    • Former park ranger for Jackson County.
    • 25 KCPD officer, then worked in private security.
    • Loves parks
  • Goal: Park safety, protecting resources
    • Doesn’t want to write citations. Hasn’t written any!
  • Have rangers on every day shift, and two on evenings. One in training, hoping to
  • Indian Mound parks (Kessler, Budd Park, Indian Mound) and dumping prevention are huge priority for the ranger program
  • Soon: will have phone ranger on patrol will carry.
  • 816-513-7507 (office); 816-668-6990 (cell) – Ranger Hurley’s numbers, if you need anything.

Water Department

  • Work over by VFW, maybe, pump station.

Treasurer’s Report

Start: $2,253.63

>no deposits

>one check, $125 – masks

End: $2,128.63


If need masks, let us know! For free, or donation if you’d like.


  • NRF
    • $2,000
    • Events was original plan, but they still gave us $2,000
    • Fall: “Drive-thru pumpkin patch” – so can’t gather
    • If not that, other options: Implicit bias training, cultural competency training.
  • PIAC
    • St. John Improvements
      • Community input meetings are in planning stages
    • Applying to other grants for additional funding

KC Museum Partnership

  • Want to have traveling exhibit in Budd Park, potentially
    • Journey of migrants from Central America to the United States


  • Indian Mound elections will be held next month (July)
    • Must be paid member the prior year, and attended at least half of the meetings.
    • Email Beth if you want to check your eligibility imna@indianmoundneighborhood.org
  • Open positions: Executive Vice President, Secretary, Administrative Vice President.



  • Re-examining responses to crime and relationship to KCPD, especially in light of Black Lives Matter
  • Focus on health and safety, and not crime and criminality.


Upcoming Events

  • Covenant Memorial Baptist Church Food Pantry, 301 Van Brunt, will be open this Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00pm.
    • Open every 3rd Saturday of the month from 8:00am-12:00pm.
      • But if someone is in need – have them reach out to Covenant! They will get over there and open the pantry.
    • Serving about 35 families
    • Contributions welcome!
  • Register to vote – https://www.jcebmo.org/voter-information/registration/
  • Fill out your Census – https://www.census.gov/
  • Fall Clean-Up Oct. 3