March 2021 Monthly Meeting Notes

March 2021 Monthly Meeting Notes

Indian Mound Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes from March 15, 2021

Next Meeting: Monday, April 19, 2021 via Zoom

Northeast Library is remodeled and open!

  • Two study spots, reserve for hour at a time
  • 13-15 computer reservations
  • Community Connection rooms – can use Zoom
  • 10-6 (pop-in pickup); everything else reserved
  • To reserve, probably best to call (816) 701-3485
  • Hiring soon – two part-time positions, fluency second language required.

Councilman Eric Bunch, Fourth District at Large

  • Budget season
  • Typical year, a lot of events but COVID has made it difficult
    • Did three of them
    • Departments also do individual
    • Changes: Fully funding office of tenant advocate
      • Unclear what happened from the funding last year
    • Reorganizing city departments, so have a housing-focused office.
      • Significant displacement of residents of buildings.
      • So reorganizing neighborhood and housing services (with focus on housing)
    • Unsheltered individuals, helping over wintertime.
      • Bartle Hall
      • Hotels
      • Bigger picture: Have this option available regularly/long-term
    • $70m budget shortfall
      • Almost able to close with no lay-offs and no furloughs.
    • Last session in March is when must be passed
    • Goes into effect May 1
  • City got funding from COVID relief bill, will help with budget shortfall
  • Mayor Lucas calling in governor helped with upcoming events: 6,000 shots coming this weekend.
  • E-Tax April 6
    • 40% ($250-350m) of general fund funded by earnings tax.
    • Flat 1% tax on earnings if you work in KCMO (work but don’t live here – still use city services)
  • Police Funding
    • Police took 4% cut
    • Bunch advocating
      • “De-coupling” – where do we really need uniformed officers?
      • Duplication of services (city services could cover offices – millions of dollars)
    • Police still not wearing masks, what can we do about that?
      • Local control would help that
    • GO Bond?
      • Independence Industrial Park
      • Sidewalks – focused on 311 back-log, still at least another year of that
        • After that, systematic approach (most-traveled, equity, access to public transportation, schools, etc.)
        • Bunch can send map
      • PIAC
        • Traffic calming on St. John
      • Independence Ave MAX
        • Timeline unclear, but KCATA got federal funding.

Pattie Mansur, KCPS Board At-Large Candidate, April 6

  • Three kids went through KCPS; daughter teaches at Gladstone!
  • Teachers getting vaccinated started today
  • Been on board 7 years
  • Background in non-profit communications
  • Running for school board because heart for public education
    • State doing “education reform,” which really means private schools, charter schools, out-of-state private online providers.
    • These sort of reforms would take money from our public schools
  • KCPS is the most diverse (in terms of where families are from) school district in the state.
  • KCPS has not had a superintendent there for more than 5 years since the early ‘70s. Dr. Bedell is going into year 6.
  • Plan: Full accreditation; experiential learning opportunities; recruiting more young people into education


  • NE Sustainable Houseless Summit
    • Many organizations coming together to work together, share ideas, collaborate
      • Neighborhoods, city, state representatives
    • Not band-aids, but solutions.
      • March 18, 19, 20
      • Register by emailing
  • Election for KCPS, E-Tax April 6
  • Neighborhood Clean-up – Saturday, April 10, 8-noon
    • Budd Park (but also Lykins Square, Concourse, Sheffield Park, 7806 US 24)
    • Electronics to soccer fields at 9th and Van Brunt
    • Tires to Concourse
  • KC Symphony at Indian Mound Park
    • Sunday, April 18 at 2 p.m.
    • Free!