June 2021 Monthly Meeting Notes

June 2021 Monthly Meeting Notes

Indian Mound Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes from June 21, 2021.

Next Meeting: Monday, July 19, 2021 LOCATION TBD but also Zoom.

Election Next Month

  • Treasurer and President; can also do Administrative VP if there is interest
  • Must be paid member: $20 individual, $25 family, $30 business; $20 senior
    • Pay what you can! Dues can be waived, just let us know.
  • Because of COVID, the typical 50% meeting attendance will be waived
    • We do ask that you have attended at least some meetings

Moving to In-Person

  • July we will have our meeting in-person
    • Location TBD, as library not able to use meeting rooms yet
    • Please wear masks
  • Will hold meetings hybrid (live with option for people to stream/Zoom if desired)

“Pallet Camp” Ordinance 210463

  • Allowing the city to use any land it owns for temporary shelter(s)
  • Details are slim and seem to be changing
    • Ordinance was moved so more details can be filled in, like specific locations and options if neighbors/residents have issues with selected locations
  • Been topic of conversation around NE
  • Please let us know if you have opinions


  • Pumpkin Patch planning beginning soon! Let us know if you’re interested in helping. President.imna@gmail.com

Treasurer’s Report

  • Beginning balance $3000.66
  • -$945 (unused CCF grant money)
  • New balance $2,121.88

Northeast Library

  • Partnership with KC Care Clinic: Vaccination clinic at library, 9-4 on Thursdays through end of July
  • Outdoor events 11-3 Tuesday (summer reading)
  • RISE (Refugee & Immigrant Services & Empowerment) moving into NE branch soon
    • Looking for English language operator
  • Library has lots of open jobs!