Kansas City’s Indian Mound neighborhood is located in the Historic Northeast. We’re home to three parks, five schools, a diverse community, and varied architecture. Our neighborhood is named after Indian Mound, located at the corner of Gladstone Boulevard and Belmont Boulevard.

Indian Mound is bound on the North by Gladstone Boulevard and Cliff Drive, on the South by Independence Avenue/24 Highway, on the West by Jackson Avenue and on the East by Belmont Boulevard.

The Indian Mound Neighborhood Association meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday of every month. We are currently meeting via Zoom because of COVID-19. Please check our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter for the most current information.

Board of Directors as of July 2020: Manny Abarca IV (President), Patricia Hernandez (Executive Vice President), Brynne Musser (Treasurer), and Beth Beavers (Secretary).

Contact us by mail at P.O. Box 6660, Kansas City, MO 64123, or at imna@indianmoundneighborhood.org.